Why choose a full-spectrum LED Grow Light?

Full spectrum LED grow lights are a relatively new product on the market and many growers are not all that familiar with these new lighting systems. Most people believe the giant fluorescent bulbs are the best grow lights to use over your indoor plants, but they aren’t. Full spectrum light systems are better because they mimic real sunlight. As well LED lights take up a minimal amount of space, don’t contribute extra heat, don’t need their bulbs replaced, don’t have ballasts to manage, and use half the electricity to run. Plants have a tendency to absorb more blue light than other colors like white or green; hence, the UV rays are best to induce vigorous plant growth in the vegetation stage. Treating your plants during the flowering stage, the most effective LED lights are those which provide IR, or infrared, rays. These rays are readily absorbed by the buds and apex of the plant and this causes them to bloom quickly and heavily. LED Grow Lights are plug-and-play Light which means you can simply hang up the Led Light over your plants, plug it in directly to any standard electrical socket and then turn it on with your Veg or Bloom switches.

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